Music Industry Workshop

Special Guests and Performers

AbstractGiantsThe only way to fully comprehend all the variables involved in producing a quality piece of music or operating a real business is to spend as much time as possible working in a real-world environment.

MIW has stood by this principle for 15 years.

Students who aspire to develop technical skills need to learn more than just how to operate equipment and software.

Similarly, students who search for business skills need to do more than just read a book and listen to a lecture.

MIW has developed an amazing formula that amplifies the learning experience by integrating special guests, collaborative projects and real artist interaction.

This integration gives students the opportunity to work with successful bands, create working business components, and interact with industry pros above and beyond the instructors.

This type of interaction provides an extremely powerful benefit as students gain hands-on knowledge of how to operate on a professional level while still in the safety and security of a controlled learning environment.

MIW was the first program of its kind to fully integrate these interactive components into its core curriculum. Now MIW has become one of the models for other institutions to apply the same academic formulas.


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