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Small Class Sizes

smallclassClassroom size is an important factor for students to consider when determining what training solution works best for them.

Reducing class size has become a perennial education improvement strategy, often popular with teachers and parents for its ability to give teachers more individual instructional time with students.

Yet as states and districts struggle with tight budgets, the average class size in the U.S. continues to rise almost 5% per year.

Many schools try to make up for bloated classroom size by offering distance learning. However, this doesn’t work for training that requires a real hands-on experience (such as recording or production).

The U.S. Department of Education estimates the current average class size is closer to 25 students.

MIW has the smallest class size of any comparable program in the U.S. Our classroom size ranges from 4-12 students.

In addition to small class sizes, MIW students also receive individualized 1-on-1 training with the same award winning instructors that teach our lectures and labs.

Many other schools schedule experienced teachers for lectures, and less experienced teachers for labs and other student activities. MIW doesn’t believe in using these ‘bait and switch’ tactics to lure students into their programs.

Our training programs offer the perfect blend of personalized training and quality interaction for all students.


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