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Recording and Mixing

LEVEL:  Beginner - Intermediate
SCHEDULE: Meets Weekends
DURATION: 7 Months 

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Course Summary

Our mission is to empower every local musician, DJ, and music maker with the ability to record and mix their own quality music.

We're tired of listening to poorly produced demos and weak-sounding tracks. The local music community is filled with talent, and we just need to show them how to take control of their sound.

All it takes is a few months of training with the right teachers and equipment. Our instructors will teach you how to record and mix from the ground up.

Work with professional bands while you learn how to mic up instruments, capture sound, work with spectral effects (EQ), dynamic processors, time-based effects, MIDI, and much more. 

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Includes 1-on-1 Personal Training With an Instructor


+ Full Course Description

Experienced instructors guide students through all of the fundamental principles of audio, digitizing sound, ProTools recording software, and the basics of microphones. These fundamentals help raise your studio skill level to new heights. Students are then given a chance to apply their knowledge of recording during several actual recording sessions.

Instructors guide students through every step of the recording process while sharing tips and tricks. Professional studio musicians are brought in as the subject of class.

MIW student sessions start simply with recording vocalists through several different microphones. Comparative and critical listening will tie the fundamentals to real recording experience. Student sessions then advance to recording overdubs for actual song sessions with guitarists, bassists, pianists, and more.

MIW hires cool bands to come in and record with students in classes. Students participate in every aspect of the recording session including session management, equipment set up, basic tracks, dialing up sounds, overdubbing vocals and other instruments.

Students will learn mixing aesthetics and techniques from instructors with years of mixing experience. Students move on to mixing full band projects. Students will work toward professional techniques with automation and mix processors. Students will be able to use spectral effects (EQ) and all dynamic processors: compressors, limiters, de-essers, and gates.

Instructors help students add special effects to their mixes. Time-based effects will include reverb, delay, and adding modulation.

MIDI is an integral part of most modern studio music. Students spend time making electronic tracks using MIDI with Pro Tools and Reason.

Recording and mixing students receive 1 on 1 studio time with MIW instructors. This gives students the opportunity to work on their own tracks or advanced questions.

Please contact Music Industry Workshop with any complaints, compliments, complaint, or review. We'd love to hear from you.

+ Key Subjects Covered

  • Principles of Audio and Digital Audio
  • Microphone types and principles
  • Microphone placement
  • Pro Tools software
  • Reason software
  • Critical Listening
  • Basic tracks and overdubs
  • Managing band sessions
  • Signal flow
  • Sound and Acoustics
  • MIDI
  • Troubleshooting
  • Mix Aesthetics
  • Spectral effects (EQ and filters)
  • Dynamics Processors
  • Special Effects
  • Mixing techniques



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