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LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate
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DURATION: 8-14 Months

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Program Summary


Chicago has one of the top electronic music (EDM) scenes in the world. The combination of awesome DJ's, producers, remix artists, clubs, and festivals has created a perfect storm for talent and opportunity. The Electronic Music (EDM) Master Program is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to create, produce, mix, and master professional electronic music from beginning to end.

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Includes 1on1 Training in Professional Studios


Program Components

The Electronic Music (EDM) Master Program combines several courses and training supplements into a single comprehensive training solution!

Electronic Music (EDM) Production Course
Electronic Music (EDM) Mixing Course
DJ Technology Course
Music Business & Marketing Course
Social Networking for Music Course
1-on-1 custom training and mentoring

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+ Eletronic Music (EDM) Production: Course Summary

The Eletronic Music (EDM) Production is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to produce, make beats, or remix using Ableton Live.

Students are introduced to all the latest hardware and software including analog and digital synthesizers, MIDI controllers, samplers, and other workstation components.

Expert instructors will show you all the tips and tricks for making your project studio or laptop rig crank out music that will make you proud.

Students learn how to set up, configure, and operate your own rig in a studio, laptop, or wherever you happen to work. You will learn how to sequence beats and tracks, sample sounds, use hardware and software synths, remix tracks, and use digital instruments.

This fun and informative course will open the door to a whole new world of producing your own music. By the time this course is over you will be able to create quality music and beats using your laptop or home studio.

+ Electronic Music (EDM) Mixing: Course Summary

This course will take you through the technical maze of how to properly mix and master a piece of electronic music from beginning to end using Ableton Live and Izotope Ozone. Whether you’re a bedroom producer or signed to a label, this course offers detailed technical skills that will help anyone improve the sound and quality of their EDM tracks.

This course covers all the technical and creative aspects of mixing and mastering including the most important piece of equipment you can possibly own – your ears! We will train those ears to hear things they’ve never heard before. We will hone your ear training skills so you can detect imperfection and recognize quality. This will give you a huge advantage.

Ableton has one of the best audio engines of any DAW. Our Certified Ableton instructors will show you how to leverage every ounce of Ableton’s powerful engine to create the best sounding tracks you’ve ever heard!

Mastering is the last creative process in the production chain. It’s also the most overlooked. Producers and remix artists often gloss over this process when in reality it can make or break the track. We will show you how to master great tracks for radio and clubs.

+ DJ Technology: Course Summary

This unique hands-on training program is both challenging and exciting for all ages and skill levels no matter what type of music you’re into. This intensive, hands-on skills course is ideal for students interested in developing DJ skills as a career or hobby.

We cover every aspect of the DJ craft from a creative, technical, and business perspective. Classes are taught by celebrity DJs and expert instructors with years of experience working in major clubs and venues.

We introduce the DJ equipment and cover basic set up and troubleshooting techniques. We familiarize students with the latest industry standard gear including turntables, CD, and computer configurations. Students then spend time learning fundamentals of the DJ craft including music theory, basic mixing, blending, and cueing techniques.

Students will learn how to use the latest DJ software including Serato SCRATCH Live and Traktor Pro. We will also integrate Ableton Live into the DJ classes so students can learn how to incorporate live sequencing and sampling into their performance sets.

Our instructors pass on the latest tricks, transitions, and business tips directly to the students. We also discuss important creative aspects such as choosing music, creating a killer set, and working the crowd.

Students get a chance to show off their skills in front of the class and record their sets live. This is a fun way to finish the class and showcase those new skills.

+ Music Business and Marketing: Course Summary

Twelve of Chicago’s top music business and marketing specialists have come together to deliver what may be the most powerful music industry course we’ve ever developed!

Our expert instructors will break down all the essential moving parts to help you get a handle on things like copyright, publishing, licensing, distribution, and artist development.

Whether you’re a DJ, musician, label, or promoter, successful marketing plays a major role in the success of anything related to music.

Students learn how to read and understand commonly used contracts and agreements. They also learn important deal points that should be negotiated in any agreement.

We will also cover how to generate revenue from performing, recording, merchandise, ring tones, records, downloads, and so much more.

Marketing and promotions is more about building an effective plan and executing it. We’ll show you how to do this in class. You're life will change once you understand how to take control of your brand identity and marketing strategy. This course peels away all the layers of how to build marketing campaigns that drive traffic, build brands, create fans, and generate revenue.

One of the best parts of this class is the networking. Students get access to different instructors throughout the program. Plus they will be able to gain lifelong industry connections with other fellow students and staff.

The time you spend in this class could change your life forever.

+ Social Networking for Music: Course Summary

Artists, producers, DJ’s, labels, managers, and promoters all use various social networks to get the word out about their music. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Sound Cloud, and Reverb Nation have become a major part of the music industry.

These networks serve as valuable conduits between artists, labels, promoters, and consumers. This is where people find out about new music, follow their favorite artists, and download the latest tracks.

This course will show you how to fully leverage the power of social media to increase traffic to your site, create buzz around your music, build your public brand, and generate revenue from sales of music, merchandise, ticket sales, and more.

We will take you through a series of steps that will help save time and money while simplifying the process of managing multiple social networks without skipping a beat.

Ths skills developed in this course are invaluable for musicians, DJ’s, producers, label owners, promoters, and just about anyone else involved in music. 

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