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Music Business & Marketing


LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate
SCHEDULE: Meets Weekday Evenings
DURATION: 5 Months 

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Course Summary

Twelve of Chicago’s top music business and marketing specialists have come together to deliver what may be the most powerful music industry course we’ve ever developed!

Our expert instructors will break down all the essential moving parts to help you get a handle on things like copyright, publishing, licensing, distribution, and artist development.

Whether you’re a DJ, musician, label, or promoter, successful marketing plays a major role in the success of anything related to music.

Students learn how to read and understand commonly used contracts and agreements. They also learn important deal points that should be negotiated in any agreement.

We will also cover how to generate revenue from performing, recording, merchandise, ring tones, records, downloads, and so much more.

Marketing and promotions is more about building an effective plan and executing it. We’ll show you how to do this in class. Your life will change once you understand how to take control of your brand identity and marketing strategy. This course peels away all the layers of how to build marketing campaigns that drive traffic, build brands, create fans, and generate revenue.

One of the best parts of this class is the networking. Students get access to different instructors throughout the program. Plus they will be able to gain lifelong industry connections with other fellow students and staff.

The time you spend in this class could change your life forever.


+ Full Course Description

This course is not just a bunch of lectures. Instead, students will be immersed in a series of highly interactive learning modules that flow together seamlessly as we build and connect each lesson much like the pieces of a puzzle fit together. Students work on specialized class projects that become part of their working model for their own music. 

Many students are interested in forming their own business such as a record label or production company. Others simply want to turn their band into a professional business entity. We will take you through all the steps of forming a business and creating business plans that work.

Our instructors show you how to secure intellectual property through various copyrights and registrations including mechanical, publishing, performing, and sync rights. We explain all the different rights that you have as an artist, songwriter, producer, or publisher.

Marketing and promotions is more about building an effective plan and executing it. We’ll show you how to do this in class. Students learn how to leverage their imagination to develop effective marketing strategies using critical tools including social media, web and email, blogs, publicity, radio, events, sponsors, charities, colleges, merchandise, and much more. Your life will change once you understand how to take control of your brand identity and marketing strategy.

We will also show how effective marketing campaigns drive revenue from performing, recording, merchandise, ring tones, downloads, and other forms of sales.

Like any industry, business is done through contracts and agreements. If you want something to be recognized, you need to put it in writing. Our expert entertainment lawyers and business executives break down the components of these contracts and agreements in a way that anyone can understand.

We show you how to read, write, and negotiate various contracts including record deals, licensing deals, sponsorship and endorsement deals, publishing deals, distribution deals, performances, appearances, and more.

Forming your own publishing company is a must if you plan to create original music. We take you through the steps of how to form your own publishing company and how to manage your published works so that you get your full share of performance and other royalties.

We live in a digital age and music is no different. Students learn all the tips, tools, and techniques to help navigate the world of digital music including digital rights management.

Everyone wants distribution. But there are no more record stores. Students learn how distribution works today and how to get distribution without a record deal.

You don’t have to be rich to start your own record label. Lots of artists, DJ’s, and producers create their own record label so they can manage their assets and create more opportunities. We show students how to start and build their own label into a successful business model.

There are plenty of corporate sponsors out there looking for the perfect band to partner up with. But if you don’t know how to negotiate the agreement, the deal will fall through. Our expert instructors will dissect this process from beginning to end.

Whether you want to manage yourself or manage other artists, the need to understand the role of managers is critical to the success of any artist or DJ. We have some of the industry’s top artist developers and managers show you how to turn your vision into reality.

Like all MIW classes, the networking is amazing. Not only do students get access to some of the top music business instructors anywhere, but the collaboration among students is just as valuable and rewarding.

We designed this so that normal people (non-attorneys) can learn how to operate in today’s music industry. Our instructors are talented, dedicated, and passionate about what they do. The time you spend in this class could change your life forever.

By the time this program is complete, every student will have a living, breathing business and marketing strategy built around their music, their brand, and their vision.

Please contact Music Industry Workshop with any complaints, compliments, complaint, or review. We'd love to hear from you.

+ Key Subjects Covered

  • Current music industry landscape
  • Understanding ASCAP, BMI, SESAC
  • Types of copyright
  • Understanding mechanical, publishing, performance, and sync rights
  • Distributing music online
  • Getting distribution from a label
  • Starting your own record label
  • Forming your own publishing company
  • Getting your music licensed
  • Licensing and endorsement deals
  • Record and distribution deals
  • The role of labels, distributors
  • The role of managers, attorneys, agents, and promoters
  • Developing your business team
  • Performance agreements and riders
  • Royalties and deal points
  • Understanding digital rights and domain
  • Trademark and secure your name
  • Working with independent labels and distributors
  • Working with radio stations
  • Ticket master and other ticket services
  • Creating a business around your band
  • Merchandising and consignment deals
  • Understanding digital rights management
  • The business of recording and production
  • Defining your overall marketing strategy
  • Building a marketing plan that works
  • Revenue strategies for DJ’s, bands, and labels
  • Getting sponsorship and endorsement deals
  • Using social networks to generate revenue
  • Making a living as a music entrepreneur
  • Getting your music online
  • Getting your music distributed to all the online hosting sites
  • Getting your music reviewed by online blogs and music sites
  • Building your brand (artist, label, music)
  • Getting other promoters to work your music
  • Developing and maintaining your fan base
  • Understanding Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks
  • Creating a press kit and EPK (Electronic Press Kit)
  • Generating publicity on your own
  • Booking and promoting your own shows, events, and festivals
  • Increasing your attendance at live shows
  • Creating and managing street teams
  • Driving traffic to your web site and social networks
  • Creating a blog that will drive traffic and increase your brand
  • Getting played on commercial, college, and internet radio
  • Creating automated processes to drive your brand online
  • Promoting your music on the college circuit
  • Strategies for getting people to join your mailing list
  • Creating effective mail / email lists
  • Getting your music into video games, independent films, theater, and dance projects
  • Getting your music on television shows and commercials
  • Designing merchandise that sells
  • Getting your merchandise sold online
  • Creating a merchandise revenue stream
  • Promoting your music release
  • Important tips for any successful promotions


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