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MIW Headlines Thu, 11 Feb 2016 15:06:40 -0600 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb MIW is Giving Away Free Training!


lecture - Copy

FREE Business Course

Enroll in one of our Tech Courses and receive our Music Business and Marketing Course absolutely FREE! 

($2,999 Value)



Step 1) Enroll in one of these Tech Courses at regular tuition price:

* Recording and Mixing Course
* Electronic Music (EDM) Production Course
* Electronic Music (EDM) Mixing Course
* DJ Technology Course

Step 2) Get the Music Business and Marketing Course FREE


Twelve of Chicago’s top music business and marketing specialists have come together to deliver what may be the most powerful music industry course we’ve ever developed!

Our expert instructors will break down all the essential moving parts to help you get a handle on things like copyright, publishing, licensing, distribution, and artist development.

Whether you’re a DJ, musician, label, or promoter, successful marketing plays a major role in the success of anything related to music.

Students learn how to read and understand commonly used contracts and agreements. They also learn important deal points that should be negotiated in any agreement.

We will also cover how to generate revenue from performing, recording, merchandise, ring tones, records, downloads, and so much more.

Marketing and promotions is more about building an effective plan and executing it. We’ll show you how to do this in class. Your life will change once you understand how to take control of your brand identity and marketing strategy. This course peels away all the layers of how to build marketing campaigns that drive traffic, build brands, create fans, and generate revenue.

One of the best parts of this class is the networking. Students get access to different instructors throughout the program. Plus they will be able to gain lifelong industry connections with other fellow students and staff. 


FREE Personal Trainer

Enroll in one of our Tech Courses and received your own 1on1 Personal Training Program absolutely FREE!

($1,200 - $3,000 Value)



Step 1) Enroll in one of these courses or master programs:

* Recording and Mixing Course
* Electronic Music (EDM) Production Course
* Electronic Music (EDM) Mixing Course
* DJ Technology Course

* Record Producer Master Program
* Electronic Music (EDM) Master Program
* Sound Engineer Master Program 

Step 2) Once enrolled, you will automatically receive your own 1on1 Personal Training package absolutely free. You can use these hours whenever you want depending on your schedule and availability.


1on1 Personal Training provides a perfect supplement to any course or master program. Enjoy personalized technical training with our award winning instructors.

You can focus on improving our software skills with:

* Ableton
* Pro Tools
* Serator
* Traktor
* Reason
* NI Komplete

Or you can work on developing your technical skills in areas like:

* Music production
* Recording
* Mixing
* DJ technology
* Remixing
* Synth and Sampling
* and much more...

You can design each personal training session to move as fast or slow as you want. Programs can be adjusted on the fly as your needs change.




Free Training Offers end soon - CALL TODAY and reserve your spot

(773) 472-7752


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MIW is Giving Away Free Training! (2)

StudentsPix4That's right. When all other schools around the country are raising their tuition on average 25-30% per year, MIW is offering tuition discounts, special offers, and yes FREE TRAINING.

We encounter so many hardworking artists, DJ's, and producers that want to get trained. We just wanted to show our appreciation and give them a break.

MIW has always been recognized as a leader in music technology training, but we are also the most affordable school in the country.

Make no mistake, our training programs may be affordable, but they are also some of the most comprehensive courses available.

Our faculty and staff are unmatched in their expertise and our state-of-the-art facilities are also used by many of the local colleges and universities to teach their own music programs.

We hope these discounts make it possible for you to get the training and resources you need from MIW.

Discounted courses include:


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MIW Hosts Muve Music Blogger Summit

Chicago Blogger Event 012 MIW recently hosted an exciting event that brought together some of the top music bloggers in the nation along with famed Chicago speed rapper and hip hop artist Twista and Cricket Wireless / Muve Music executives from around the country.

The primary purpose of the event was to begin a dialogue about how to effectively support the local and national music community through mobile and web based solutions.

Cricket Wireless Muve Music execs were excited at how strong the Chicago music scene really was.

"There's no doubt Chicago is really hitting a hot spot right now and it seems to be growing every week."

Other notable attendees included MIW instructors Janie Jennings, who worked closely with Twista and Scareface, as well as Agatha Kubalski, a former MIW student turned social media guru who now works for Zocalo Group (the marketing firm that is handling Muve Music).

Everyone had a great time, and the vibe was unmistakable Chicago - smart, upbeat, and don't pull any punches!

Look for more round table events like this coming up in the near future.

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Grammy Award Winner "Rhymefest"

rhymefest resize

MIW is proud to welcome Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist and community activist Rhymfest to our team.

Rhymefest has also been an integral part of the MIW community for several years, hosting various music industry seminars and frequently appearing as a guest speaker at MIW Open House events.

Rhymefest ran for alderman of the 20th ward, with incumbent Willie Cochran winning by a narrow margin.


MIW journalist Brad Bordyn caught up with Rhymefest in the studio recently:

What can you tell me about your new record? What are you trying on this release that might be different from your previous releases?

“Well the new record is called Motorcycle Diaries. You know, my real name is Che, I was named after Che Guevara, so this is basically about my travels as an artist, as a politician, as an activist. What have I found? What is the conclusion of the revolution?”

“This is also the first time I’m planning on getting grants to do the album, so that way we can give the album away for free… We’re pretty successful in working with some people from University of Chicago… [The album] is politically-based, around civic engagement.”

You’re pretty active in the community around Chicago. What community service projects do you have underway? How important is community service to hip-hop?

“I think community service is not only important to hip-hop, but it’s important to the world. It’s how a lot of people get their basic needs served. But it’s especially important to hop-hop because you get to be creative about helping people. So for instance, I’m working on a program called POP – Power of Purpose… We take at-risk youth and teach them conflict resolution skills through music, teach them civic engagement through popular culture. So you know, having Rhymefest or Kanye or Lupe or whoever come into class and talk to you about the importance of civic engagement – which is politics, you know, that’s what civic engagement is. It’s a new approach to really serving the needs of young people and helping them to know the pitfalls and also the triumphs they can have in their own ‘hood.”

How has MIW allowed you to give back to the community?

“Well, MIW, with the leadership of Reggi, and all the wonderful people who work here, and Stephen my engineer, have really come together as a team and as a cushion for me. It’s been more than a studio… the fact that this is an institution for learning for music; it’s something where I have been able to run into different professionals and network with different teachers who have been able to help me further my process of what I’m trying to do with community activism in music. So it’s just an in-house network of professionals. It’s awesome. It’s more than a studio experience... MIW is the ultimate experience in music.”

Do you plan on another run for public office in the future?

“It’s not something I’ve been thinking about now. What I’m trying to do now is build our Power of Purpose organization and help as many people [as possible]. Our motto is the only true power is the power to empower others. So through our organization we’re trying to release music, keep the fans activated, and empower other people.”

“If it calls for another run for office and I get that support from the people, then perhaps I’ll go that way. But we also have some wonderful things we’re doing through music in the community.”

What other artists out there right now do you feel are contributing to the future of hip-hop, either with their message or through the music itself?

“There’s definitely a guy named Jasiri X in Pennsylvania who is a community activist and musician, I’ve been running into him all over the place. Invincible in Detroit, who does community projects with music. Lupe Fiasco who has the Lupe Fiasco Foundation where they have book clubs, coat drives, glove drives, give away food in the community… You have Immortal Technique who is opening up schools in Afghanistan for young people, so you have a lot of artists who are really active. You have Talib Kweli opening up a book store in Brooklyn. It’s happening.”

What’s one piece of advice you would give to young artists out there?

“I would tell artists don’t be afraid to be unique. Don’t be afraid to be the ultimate you, and not anyone else. That success is based off of your perception of music. That you are the experience – you are not a physical body living an experience, you ARE the experience – so let your music be that.”

When can we expect to hear your new album? Projected release date?

“Yeah, we’re trying to release the album by mid summer, so I would think by mid July the album will be on its way out.”

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Former MIW Student Opens for Anthrax

Diamond Plate-Generation Why 3MIW Student Spotlight

Former MIW student Konrad Kupiec and his band Diamond Plate are scheduled to open up for the legendary ANTHRAX in London UK!

Konrad was 19 years old when he took the Recording-Mixing and Music Business courses.

He used his training and skills to land a record deal with Earache Records less than one year later. Now he's touring with world with Diamond Plate.

These guys are SICK!



  • Jim Nicademus - Drums
  • Jon Macak - Vocals and Bass Guitar
  • Mario Cianci - Rhythm Guitars
  • Konrad Kupiec - Lead and Rhythm Guitars

DIAMOND PLATE formed in 2004 in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. DIAMOND PLATE unknowingly arrived at the right time, just as thrash-metal was beginning to make a huge comeback worldwide. Due to the ferocity of their music, coupled with a revived hunger for thrash, DIAMOND PLATE quickly established themselves as one of the top forces in the emerging U.S. thrash metal scene.

A young but formidable three-piece, DIAMOND PLATE made their debut in early 2008 with their ferocious and critically acclaimed, “Mountains of Madness” E.P. At the time, the average age of this three-piece was a mere 15 years old! The teenagers soon discovered critics and metal fans alike found colossal potential in the band and embraced their music immediately. The popularity of DIAMOND PLATE began growing from there. Stormspell Records released the “Mountains of Madness” E.P., as part of “Thrash Clash Vol. 2”. Thanks to distribution from an indie label and self-promotion through the internet, the young three-piece from Chicago soon began to make a powerful international presence.
As the shows they played started getting bigger and bigger, DIAMOND PLATE became a household name in the metal scene of Chicago. Directly supporting some of metal’s finest legends including Behemoth, Gojira, Exodus, D.R.I., Overkill, Joey Belladonna of Anthrax, and Destruction among others, DIAMOND PLATE soon became recognized for their intense and high-energy live sets. The band began to not only evolve in their live show but in their songwriting and technical abilities as well.

Two newly recorded songs were released via the internet in late 2008, and these tracks proved to the metal world that DIAMOND PLATE was a much tighter and focused band. DIAMOND PLATE dominated 2008 with crushing live shows and rave reviews of their new songs. The band’s impact was so remarkable, that the mighty, UK-based Terrorizer Magazine named DIAMOND PLATE, “the 5th Best Unsigned Band of 2008,” and a 2008 Metal-To-Infinity review claimed, “world domination is the next step for this band.”

In 2009, DIAMOND PLATE entered the studio to record their standout follow-up, “Relativity.” This E.P. featured newly recorded songs, like the epic seven minute title track and neck-breaking displays of old-school thrash metal mixed with progressive arrangements. The “Relativity” E.P. took DIAMOND PLATE’s sound to a higher, stellar level and in turn, further solidified DIAMOND PLATE’s place in metal history.

Shortly following the release of “Relativity,” the band was invited to perform as a main stage act on the infamous Thrasho De Mayo festival in Hollywood, California. A week later DIAMOND PLATE’s presence grew again as they took part in the well-renowned Chicago Powerfest with Devildriver.

In 2009, it became clear that DIAMOND PLATE was ready to take a much larger step forward. The band gained representation from manager, Frank Mastalerz of MWI International, after DIAMOND PLATE played a number of impressive shows at the Chicago-area venue, The Pearl Room (the club that Mastalerz booked at the time). It was at DIAMOND PLATE’s third show at the Pearl Room (supporting Overkill) that Frank and MWI approached the band about full-time career management. DIAMOND PLATE signed on with MWI and the career of the band started moving in a professional direction.

Digby Pearson, owner of Earache Records had his eye on DIAMOND PLATE for a few years and in the summer of 2010, the band received a personal email from Digby himself offering to sign DIAMOND PLATE to Earache. A few months later after this initial email, DIAMOND PLATE was signed.

After years of writing and playing live as a three piece, it wasn't until DIAMOND PLATE’s deal with Earache that they considered adding another guitar player to help enhance their live show. Mario Cianci officially joined the band in early 2011, and makes his live debut with DIAMOND PLATE in summer 2011.  *

As the band finished writing the material for their debut album, Earache recommended DIAMOND PLATE use producer Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Nevermore, Deicide, Judas Priest, etc.) for their first album.  The band agreed, knowing Kernon came with an impressive track record, producing and recording some of metal’s biggest bands metal, and coincidentally, Kernon lives in DIAMOND PLATE’s backyard, Chicago.

DIAMOND PLATE’s debut album is titled, "Generation Why?" DIAMOND PLATE guitarist, Konrad Kupiec , says this of their first album: “We wanted the album to be a strong musical statement, and likewise we wanted to the album title to be relevant to the world today. It was also important to us for the title to be a connection to everyone our age. "Generation Why?" is a song against the mediocrity that seems to encompass most people our age. No one seems to strive for greatness anymore. All people tend to do is make excuses as to why they cannot go beyond an average life. Everything about this album is meant to be a statement against that.”

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