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FREE Business Course

Enroll in one of our Tech Courses and receive our Music Business and Marketing Course absolutely FREE! 

($2,999 Value)



Step 1) Enroll in one of these Tech Courses at regular tuition price:

* Recording and Mixing Course
* Electronic Music (EDM) Production Course
* Electronic Music (EDM) Mixing Course
* DJ Technology Course

Step 2) Get the Music Business and Marketing Course FREE


Twelve of Chicago’s top music business and marketing specialists have come together to deliver what may be the most powerful music industry course we’ve ever developed!

Our expert instructors will break down all the essential moving parts to help you get a handle on things like copyright, publishing, licensing, distribution, and artist development.

Whether you’re a DJ, musician, label, or promoter, successful marketing plays a major role in the success of anything related to music.

Students learn how to read and understand commonly used contracts and agreements. They also learn important deal points that should be negotiated in any agreement.

We will also cover how to generate revenue from performing, recording, merchandise, ring tones, records, downloads, and so much more.

Marketing and promotions is more about building an effective plan and executing it. We’ll show you how to do this in class. Your life will change once you understand how to take control of your brand identity and marketing strategy. This course peels away all the layers of how to build marketing campaigns that drive traffic, build brands, create fans, and generate revenue.

One of the best parts of this class is the networking. Students get access to different instructors throughout the program. Plus they will be able to gain lifelong industry connections with other fellow students and staff. 


FREE Personal Trainer

Enroll in one of our Tech Courses and received your own 1on1 Personal Training Program absolutely FREE!

($1,200 - $3,000 Value)



Step 1) Enroll in one of these courses or master programs:

* Recording and Mixing Course
* Electronic Music (EDM) Production Course
* Electronic Music (EDM) Mixing Course
* DJ Technology Course

* Record Producer Master Program
* Electronic Music (EDM) Master Program
* Sound Engineer Master Program 

Step 2) Once enrolled, you will automatically receive your own 1on1 Personal Training package absolutely free. You can use these hours whenever you want depending on your schedule and availability.


1on1 Personal Training provides a perfect supplement to any course or master program. Enjoy personalized technical training with our award winning instructors.

You can focus on improving our software skills with:

* Ableton
* Pro Tools
* Serator
* Traktor
* Reason
* NI Komplete

Or you can work on developing your technical skills in areas like:

* Music production
* Recording
* Mixing
* DJ technology
* Remixing
* Synth and Sampling
* and much more...

You can design each personal training session to move as fast or slow as you want. Programs can be adjusted on the fly as your needs change.




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