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Live Sound and Stage

LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate
SCHEDULE: Meets Weekends
DURATION: 3 Months

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Course Summary

Imagine being on stage, performing with your band, and you think you sound great. But you look out at the audience, and everyone is running for the door.

Anyone who performs in front of an audience needs to understand how sound and lighting systems work. The more you know about how things work on stage, the easier it will be for you to deliver a memorable performance.

Smart bands and DJ's will invest in their own sound systems. Eventually, this investment becomes a source of rental income and a great way to leverage a headlining spot at your local festival.

Our instructors have produced and performed at thousands of shows. We know how to make you sound great on stage.

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This Course Includes Field Training (Live at Concerts and Shows)


+ Full Course Description

How many times have you gone to see a great band and the sound was horrible? This happens even more often with local bars and clubs.

Anyone involved in putting together a live performance for a band, church, school, or other function should learn this skill set.

The Live Sound and Stage Production course covers the creative and technical aspects of live sound reinforcement and stage lighting. Students learn how to set up, maintain, and operate sound and lighting systems for live performances.

We explore sound reinforcement concepts and terminology in a way that is easy to understand.

Students participate in every aspect of the live performance including equipment and instrument set up, troubleshooting, getting sounds up, ringing out monitors, sound checking, feedback control, mixing the live performance, and tearing down the instruments and equipment.

Students will get to work with real bands on a real stage with a real sound system – it doesn’t get any better than that!

Please contact Music Industry Workshop with any complaints, compliments, complaint, or review. We'd love to hear from you.

+ Key Subjects Covered

  • Sound reinforcement concepts and terminology
  • Signal routing for live sound
  • Interfacing with musicians
  • Essentials of power-electricity
  • Safety issues
  • Microphone design
  • Sound system design and functionality including monitor and ‘front-of-house’ systems
  • Sound and Acoustic Design
  • Feedback control
  • Set up, operation, and maintenance of sound systems
  • Introduction to live mixing
  • Stage etiquette and staging
  • Advanced Stage and monitor mixing techniques
  • Career opportunities in sound and lighting production



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