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handsonHands-on Training

MIW offers a unique formula that includes more hours of hands-on training than any comparable program.

Initial lessons provide a solid foundation for the intensive hands-on activities, which takes place later on in the program.

MIW uses a combination of learning styles in order to maximize retention and improve the overall learning experience for every student.

Our training formula offers a true balance of information, demonstration and participation. This hybrid method is extremely effective in the vocational environment.

The term 'real world training' sounds like such a cliché but there is really no replacement for learning in a professional environment.

If you want to learn how to DJ, record, mix and produce music, you have to learn in a real studio, with real musicians, producers, engineers and equipment.

If you want to learn how to operate a business, you have to learn how to develop real components such as business plans, marketing strategies and contracts.

Sitting around in a classroom talking about the real world is just not the same as touching it. We believe in getting students as close to the real thing as possible.

We believe MIW students are better prepared for what lies ahead.


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