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State-of-the-Art Training Center


World Class Recording Studios


For the past 15 years, our facility has been featured as one of the top world class recording studios in the region. These studios are used by major label artists like Anthrax, Britney Spears, Rhymefest, Twista, Phil Collins, Damian Marley, and thousands of others. These are the same studios used by DePaul University and Columbia College to teach their recording and production classes. Our studios provide a perfect learning environment for students enrolled in the Recording and Mixing Program.

Production Studios


Our digital music production studios are often called ‘producer’s paradise’. These well designed creative rooms include all the latest software including Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Native Instruments Komplete, Reason, Logic Pro, Cubase, Final Cut Pro, and plenty more. The geeked out rooms also include racks of gear including Pro Tools controllers, MPC’s, APC’s, Maschines, Motifs, Moog synths, samplers, sound modules, MIDI controllers, and other pieces. We use these rooms a lot for our Recording and Mixing Courses, Digital Music Production Courses, and Music Video Production Courses.

 Mixing and Mastering Studios

Facilities4We are one of the only facilities in the region to have separate recording, mixing, production, and mastering facilities. Our mixing / mastering facility is an acoustic masterpiece designed with absolute perfection in mind. Students learn all the nuances of how to give their music that professional sound using top of the line gear. These rooms are used primarily for the Recording-Mixing Courses and Digital Music Production Courses.


Assembly Hall

Facilities7Our assembly hall is a multi-function facility with vaulted ceilings, professional large screen video projection, digital audio workstations, and full P.A. systems. This spacious environment is perfect for lectures and demonstrations. We use this facility for our Music Business Program. We also convert this large space into a thumping night club as our DJ students take the stage and learn how to pump up the volume.

 Clubs and Venues


 MIW has established a number of partnerships with nationally recognized night clubs and music venues including Spybar, Portage Theater, Metro, Copernicus Center, Chicago Cultural Center, and others. These facilities host a number of different activities that involve students including student DJ showcases, student produced band performances and battles. These events provide a fantastic opportunity for students to gain real world experience while enjoying the energy that comes only from live music. These events involve students in the Live Sound and Stage, DJ Technology, and Music Business Programs.

Sound Stages


In addition to the night club and venue activities, MIW provides access to some of the top sound stages in the region. These beautiful facilities include extra large stages and risers, full sound and lighting systems, and acoustically designed rooms. These soundstages provide the perfect space for students in the Live Sound and Stage Program to learn how to operate sound and lighting systems with real bands and DJs performing live on stage.

Lounge / Common Areas


For many in Chicago’s music scene, our facility is recognized as a central hub of activity. With that kind of reputation, we know how important it is to have a comfortable place to chill, network, relax, and wind down after a productive day of making music. Our plush lounge and generous common areas provide the perfect space for students, instructors, and studio clients to co-mingle. Our mission is always to get you trained and get you connected, so be sure to spend some time before and after class in the lounge. And don’t forget those business cards!

As always, let Music Industry Workshop know if you have any complaints, compliments, complaint, or reviews. Thanks



All the Latest Gear


 Because our facility is used for education as well as professional recording and production, our equipment and software is always kept up to date.

We take great care in the maintaining our studio and production gear so that you will always be at the forefront of new technology as it becomes available.

Whether you want top of the line recording equipment or the latest DJ software, MIW has it all.


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Studio Client Spotlight


Our studios are a favorite among recording artists, record labels, and production companies. Our facility is recognized as one of the top professional recording and production studios in the Midwest.

When classes aren’t in session our studios are constantly being used to record and produce hit records, movie soundtracks, commercial jingles, and plenty of music from indie and major label artists.

Recent Studio Clients Include:

  • Rhymefest
  • Anthrax
  • Twista
  • Phil Collins
  • Damien Marley
  • Britney Spears
  • Frank Black (Pixies)
  • Johnny Winter
  • Louie Belson
  • Cool Kids


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