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Electronic Music (EDM) Production

LEVEL:  Beginner - Intermediate
SCHEDULE: Meets Weekends
DURATION: 7 Months 

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Course Summary

The Electronic Music (EDM) Production course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to produce, make beats, or remix using the latest equipment and software.

As an Ableton Certified Training Center we specialize in teaching electronic music production using the industry leading Ableton Live software and a variety of different control devices. We also incorporate NI Komplete and other solutions into the mix.

We've been teaching digital music production for 17 years, long before most other schools even understood the concept. That's why we're the leading digital production school in the Midwest.

Our mission is to empower every DJ, remix artist, and music maker with the tools to control their music from initial concept to finished product using a simple laptop rig or a full blown studio.

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Includes 1-on-1 Personal Training With an Instructor


+ Full Course Description

In this course, you will achieve the kind of creative control that allows you to leverage technology for purposes of making an amazing piece of music. Not just another track, but something you can publish, distribute, and sell.

We like to hit the ground running, so the first day of class starts off with a full blown demonstration of how to build an amazing track from beginning to end by our expert instructors.

Every day of class is a total blast, as students get to create and build musical tracks using all kinds of different tools. The objective is to get every student immersed in the process so they become comfortable and creative.

This is done through a series of hands-on training exercises and interactive lectures. Students are broken down into teams for most of the course so they can spend more time rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.

We work with all the latest hardware and software including analog and digital synthesizers, MIDI controllers, samplers, and other workstation components in a professional studio environment.

Expert instructors show you all the tips and tricks for making your project studio or laptop rig crank out music that will make you proud.

This course will show you how to set up, configure, and operate you own rig in a studio, laptop, or wherever you happen to work. You will learn how to sequence beats and tracks, sample sounds, use hardware and software synths, remix tracks, and use digital instruments.

This fun and informative course will open the door to a whole new world of producing your own music. By the time this course is over you will be able to create quality music and beats using your laptop or home studio.

Please contact Music Industry Workshop with any complaints, compliments, complaint, or review. We'd love to hear from you.

+ Key Subjects Covered

  • Ableton Live
  • Native Instruments Komplete, Maschine
  • Production equipment and software
  • Principles of digital audio
  • Propellerhead Reason
  • Digital signal flow
  • Production tips and tricks
  • Music Theory for melody, bass, and percussion
  • Songwriting and Arranging
  • Beat and track composition
  • Concepts and terminology for beat making
  • MIDI sequencing
  • Hardware and software sampling
  • Analog and digital synthesis
  • Software editing techniques
  • Advanced MIDI design and MIDI data
  • Quantizing and transposing
  • Remixing techniques



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