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DJ Technology

LEVEL: Beginner - Intermediate
SCHEDULE: Meets Weekday Evenings
DURATION: 5 Months


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Course Summary

The Chicago region is recognized around the world as having one of the largest and most reputable DJ communities anywhere. The local DJ culture is alive and vibrant as new music and old favorites resonate through night clubs, bars, and underground parties from Waukegan to Hammond and everywhere in between.

Learning how to DJ used to be very difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Today’s DJ technology is more flexible and affordable than ever.

Our unique method of DJ training uses a combination of creative influence, technical skill, and artistic form. The result is a well rounded learning experience that empowers students with a new set of tools for performance and production.

This unique hands-on course is both challenging and exciting for all ages and skill levels no matter what type of music you’re into.


+ Full Course Description

Our local DJ culture is growing at an astronomical rate. Drawn from our long history of House music, today’s Chicago DJ scene offers a diverse blend of cultural sounds, insightful production, and innovation content.

This intensive, hands-on skills course is ideal for students interested in developing DJ skills as a career or hobby.

We cover every aspect of the DJ craft from a creative, technical, and business perspective. Classes are taught by celebrity DJs and expert instructors with years of experience working in major clubs and venues.

We introduce the DJ equipment and cover basic set up and troubleshooting techniques. We familiarize students with the latest industry standard gear including turntables, CD, and computer configurations. Students then spend time learning fundamentals of the DJ craft including music theory, basic mixing, blending, and cueing techniques.

Students will learn how to use the latest DJ software including Serato SCRATCH Live and NI Traktor Pro. We will also integrate Ableton Live into the DJ classes so students can learn how to incorporate live sequencing and sampling into their performance sets.

Our instructors pass on the latest tricks, transitions, and business tips directly to the students. We also discuss important creative aspects such as choosing music, creating a killer set, and working the crowd.

Students get a chance to show off their skills in front of the class and record their sets live. This is a fun way to finish the class and showcase those new skills.

Please contact Music Industry Workshop with any complaints, compliments, complaint, or review. We'd love to hear from you.

+ Key Subjects Covered

  • Terminology, history, culture
  • Equipment set up & troubleshooting CD, Vinyl, Computer
  • SERATO Scratch Live, ABLETON LIVE, TRAKTOR, iTunes
  • Finding & Organizing music
  • Song structure analysis
  • Phrasing (basic & advanced)
  • Mixing (basic & advanced)
  • Blending (basic & advanced)
  • Scratching and Trick combinations
  • Transitions
  • Latest pro DJ tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Reading the audience / working the crowd
  • Creating Podcasts & DJ Mixes
  • Working with bands and live musicians
  • Marketing for DJs
  • Career and business opportunities for DJs


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