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cuttingedge2One of the primary issues with most traditional schools is the general lack of continuity between teachers, courses, and departments.

Students move from class to class trying to complete their area of study, while the educational system operates in a state of constant conflict.

Hampered by conflicts over budget and resources, faculty members often work against each other, which further diminish the learning experience for students.

In addition, many schools do not have their own proprietary curriculum. Instead, they hire teachers who each have their own individual notes and clippings that they bring to class. Other teachers might use some off-the-shelf textbook.

MIW knows that a training program is only as good as the strength of its faculty and curriculum.

That’s why we developed our own customized curriculum based on current industry trends and the latest technology. Having strong material allows instructors to infuse each class with their own unique perspective while still maintaining the overall direction of the program.

Our instructors work as a team to deliver this curriculum in a way that is both challenging and exciting. We have only one goal - to provide the best possible learning experience for students.


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