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Hands-on Training

MIW offers a unique formula that includes more hours of hands-on training than any comparable program. Initial lessons provide a solid foundation for the intensive hands-on activities, which takes place later on in the program.

MIW uses a combination of learning styles including kinesthetic learning in order to maximize retention and improve the overall learning experience for every student. Kinesthetic learning involves scenarios in which students carry out a series of physical activities in order to reinforce subject matter.

Our formula offers a true balance of information, demonstration and participation. This hybrid method is extremely effective in the vocational environment.

The term 'real world training' sounds like such a cliché but there is really no adequate replacement for this kind of learning experience.

If you want to learn how to record, mix and produce music, you have to learn in a real studio, with real musicians, producers, engineers and equipment.

If you want to learn how to operate a business, you have to learn how to develop real components such as business plans, marketing strategies and contracts.

Sitting around in a classroom talking about the real world is just not the same as touching it. We believe in getting students as close to the real thing as possible. That way, they are better prepared for what lies ahead.


Small Class Sizes

MIW offers the smallest average class size of any comparable program. The national average for class sizes in the U.S. is over 30 students. Many schools often have class sizes between 50-100 students.

MIW class sizes are among the lowest in the country. Class sizes range from 15 students all way down to 1-on-1 personal training. Small class sizes are one of the key ingredients to our training formula.


Cutting Edge Curriculum

One of the biggest problems with most traditional academic programs is the lack of continuity within the training experience. Students move from one class to another without any real continuity among teachers or subject matter.

Most colleges and universities do not have their own proprietary curriculum. Instead, they hire teachers who each have their own individual notes and clippings that they bring to class. Other teachers might use some off-the-shelf textbook.

MIW knows that a training program is only as good as the strength of its curriculum. That's why we developed our own learning material. Having strong material allows instructors to infuse each class with their own unique perspective while still maintaining the overall direction of the program.


Get Connected – Stay Connected

Our dedicated staff, experienced instructors, studio clients, and students make MIW a networking hub for the local industry.

MIW has helped thousands of students get connected to industry professionals and fellow entrepreneurs.

MIW offers a unique ongoing support network for all students. This includes access to our industry affiliates, special events, and other valuable networking opportunities for students.


Career Counseling and Support

Career counselors provide one of the most important services of our whole program. These hard working individuals are dedicated to serving the needs of students before, during and after their training experience

Most colleges and academic institutions are done with you when your training is completed. They focus all their energy on the current students and leave very little resources for the alumni. MIW realizes that you need support now and later.

MIW is a training and resource center. That means we offer great training solutions, but it doesn't end there. MIW continues to support our students long after their training is complete. We do this through a number of different programs including our affiliate network, alumni and networking events, industry seminars, and most importantly, career counselors.

Fast forward two or three years after you have completed your training. Things are moving along nicely in your career and all of a sudden you hit a snag, you have a question that needs an answer, or you just need to bounce an idea off someone you can trust.

Enter the career counselor. As an MIW graduate, you have the benefit of calling our office (which is open seven days a week) and talking to a counselor. Your counselor will work with you to get the situation resolved or the question answered. No strings attached.


Safe and Professional Environment

The Drug Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act of 1989 recognize that all employees, faculty and students have the right to a workplace and educational environment that is drug free.  

MIW adheres to a strict no alcohol and no drug policy for all faculty, staff, and students.

Furthermore, MIW adheres to a zero tolerance policy regarding violence, theft, or other criminal activity on school grounds.



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